About ME!

The name Eski Caterpillar is a creation of myself and my nephew. Apart from sounding pretty cool and definitely unique, a combination that was a definite success, Eski Caterpillar can be given meaning.

To me, the author, and therefore THE Eski Caterpillar, it means a large, irregular vessel with numerous legs. This is my life. I am, literally, a large irregular vessel and my life has numerous ‘legs.’ I am a full Eski, but there is always room for a bit more, especially if they’re people. If you wriggle things around a little, shake it down and make a bit of space, more can be fit in.

I’m a wife; a mother of 4 (and a few ring ins); a secondary teacher; a Christian; a dabbler in many things; an extrovert; an observer of life; a reader and an abysmal housekeeper. I am frequently lazy and so have developed efficient ways to accomplish most things easily – this does NOT translate to housekeeping.

I love making connections (legs) with people – anyone, anywhere, anyhow, so please comment.

😃 Eski Caterpillar

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