Housework? I Say No!

Mine is the sort of home where guests for lunch present – apart from menu planning – the added unspoken question as to whose job it will be to clear the dining room table of its drifts of paper, unopened letters and things that people dumped there on the way in from school.

And that’s the way I like it! (Mostly)

Thanks to Annabel Crabb for this eye opening, truthful, realistic and freeing article.

Lesson to my Daughter.

Dust bunnies everywhere – and they are – I salute you. I’m off to sprinkle glitter; sew Hulk costumes; read stories; watch tv; play Lego or any number of the thousand and four things I’d rather be doing than housework.


I’ve created a monster!

I have literally created a monster. With $3 worth of material; two hours and one small boys epic imagination, I have created “Theo Hulk Smash!”


You may now applaud. Thank you.

When we were at Spotlight today, Theo chose some green fabric. When I asked what it was for, he said it was so he could be Hulk.


He then asked the assistant, “Lady, you have purple Hulk shorts, please?” Thankfully, she did.

I spent a fun two hours this afternoon making it up as I went along and I am really pleased with it, especially how the green legs bubble out beneath the shorts.


Eski 🐛